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The Path

Lee Bragan

In 1883 near Birmingham, Alabama. 11 year old Marian Jefferson and friends live a lifetime on The Path as certain events change their lives forever.

In a time when the American South is struggling to survive the aftermath of the Civil War, a young girl and her friends travel and play along a very special overgrown dirt road. The road lies between Dixon and Birmingham, Alabama and is known to the locals as The Path.  

The deep, dark woods that border both sides of the path are a place of sanctuary and fascination for the children. Intriguing rumors and spooky legends surrounded the area even before the Civil War. 

Adults whisper tales of chests of gold buried before the war by rich plantation owners who took the hiding places with them to their grave. But the most captivating legend is that a Creek Indian may be living in the woods near The Path. As this band of friends set off to discover their own truth of The Path, certain events take place that will affect them deeply, and remain with them for the rest of their lives.